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This September the St. Odilia Endowment Fund celebrates its’ 30th Anniversary!! In 1987, the Catholic Community of St. Odilia was selected by the archdiocese as one of six parishes to establish a permanent endowment fund to provide a sustainable source of income for the parish community. Now valued at over $2 million, the St Odilia Endowment Fund has generated more than $735,000 in distributions that support and enhance the ministries of St. Odilia.
As we celebrate this milestone, we invite you to learn more about the St. Odilia Endowment Fund and how you can contribute in a way that is meaningful to you. For more information please call 651 415-3350 or email

Grateful Today – Planning for Tomorrow
Since its 1987 inception as a repository of financial gifts, the St. Odilia Endowment Fund has become a perpetual source of income for our parish community.
Gifts to the Endowment Fund can be designated to support one or more Parish priorities. Learn more about how the Endowment Fund works, how it benefits our community, and how you can make a difference both today.....and tomorrow.
If you have questions about the Endowment Fund or giving, please contact Ramona Michaels at 651-415-3350 or email

Endowment Fund Leadership:

Front Row: Ramona Michaels (staff), Diane Cashman, Sharon Hicks, Mary Carver.
Back Row: Tim Dwyer (Chairperson), Tom Kramer, Roger Toogood, Mike McCarthy, Jim Lethert, Dave Kill, Dick McKenney.  
Missing: Jason Feipel, Dan Hoffman.    

Endowment Committee Member Page

How the Endowment Fund Works
An endowment is a repository for financial gifts given to an institution, with a special purpose stated by the donor. Our Endowment is designed to preserve the principal (the original gift), while using part of the interest money earned to support the work of the Parish. 
At St. Odilia, we have invested the money donated to the Endowment fund, and use a portion of each year's investment earnings for priority parish projects. What makes our Endowment unique is that the original gift is never spent! It continues to earn interest forever, or “in perpetuity”. Therefore, your gift today will continue to benefit the St. Odilia community year after year.....forever!


Parish Priority Areas and Endowment Fund-Enabled Projects
Distributions of earnings from the fund are used for one-time, unbudgeted priority needs of the parish community. St. Odilia has set up categories to which donations can be designated. These are:
Provides materials and equipment like sound and video as well as other resources to maintain inspirational, dynamic liturgy and music for our parish community. Past projects include:
            • Grand Piano for Worship Space
            • Church Projection System
            • Server Vestments
Faith Formation
Enriches faith formation and supports the creative programs for our parishioners from early childhood to adult formation. Assists in procuring new educational equipment and materials for lifelong faith formationPast projects include:
            • Faith Formation Camcorder and Digital Camera
            • Spanish Gospel Books
            • Youth Mission Trip
Faith Formation Scholarships
Provides financial assistance for children and teens from families of modest means for ongoing faith formation and sacrament preparation.
Promotes social justice issues within our community and helps to meet the needs of the poor within and outside our parish. Past projects include:
            • Immigration Conference
Strengthens the quality of programs and staffing at St. Odilia School. Assists in procuring new equipment and materials for class instruction. Past projects include:
            • Classroom Projectors, Smart Boards and Storage Lockers
            • Computers
            • CPR Equipment
Connor Anderson Scholarship Fund
Provides tuition aid for families of modest means seeking a Catholic education.
Finances improvements, maintenance and repair of our campus buildings and equipment. Past projects include:
            • Courtyard Air Conditioning
            • Lawn Irrigation System
            • Church Carpet

Pastoral Care
Supports outreach ministries to every person who is hurting and in need of physical, emotional or spiritual care or assistance.  This includes vulnerable elders or children, homebound, terminally ill, mentally ill, those in crisis or going through life transitions, such as marriage, divorce, abusive relationships, the safety of children, as well as assisting the grieving members of our community.
Allows the allocation of resources as needed to cover unbudgeted priorities of the parish community.  Past projects include:
            • Video Surveillance System
            • Ministry Fair
            • Stewardship Training Conference
            • Worship Literature Stands
            • Welcoming Events for new Priests
            • Befriender Program

How to Contribute

The Endowment Fund can accept gifts in several forms:
  • Cash or Stock: Contribute any amount, any time! Checks should be made payable to “St. Odilia Endowment Fund.” Gifts of stock are converted to cash and the value is added to our Fund.
  • Bequest in Your Will or Estate Plan: A simple, easy way to remember St. Odilia is in your Will or estate plan. You may designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of the remainder of your estate as a gift to the Endowment Fund. You should contact your attorney for creating any legal document such as your Will or Trust Agreement, including changes to existing documents. In addition, you may contact an Endowment Fund Committee member for discussions about your intended gift and suggested language. (CLICK HERE to download the suggested language document)
  • Life Insurance or IRA Beneficiary Designations: You may name the St. Odilia Endowment Fund as a full or partial beneficiary. You can remember your parish community with a gift that does not tap into your current cash assets.

There are several ways to contribute money directly to the Endowment Fund: 
  • Checks or cash given to the church, designated to the Endowment Fund (and category).
  • Include it in the Green envelope given annually to parishioners.    
  • Electronically via the St. Odilia Website (Click Here To Access Online Giving).

Becoming a Benefactor

There are several ways to make a contribution to the Endowment Fund, and thus become a Benefactor.  (Please see the section entitled "How to Contribute.")

Donors who contribute a total of at least $1,000 to the Endowment Fund have the option of being recognized as a named Benefactor. Benefactors receive a framed plaque and have their name engraved on a memorial at the rear of the worship space. 

Donations of any amount can be made at any time.  It is easy to do, either with your annual green envelope, or with a note on your check noting "Endowment" and your preferred sub-fund.  These donations are credited to you, and your progress toward the $1000 Benefactor threshold is tracked.  (Please see "How to Contribute" for more information on giving.)
Currently there are more than 400 Benefactors. For a list, please see the display case on the wall near the North entrance to the church worship space.



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